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SafeHO is a unemployment warranty company, To support you and your family financially, In the event you lose your job or get laid off, our unemployment warranty provides cash when you need it the most.

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Getting Started

Getting started is quick and easy – the way it should be. Customize your unemployment insurance using our incredibly responsive interface by adding your current salary details and select a monthly payment(s) and how many months you want to recieve after you became unemployed, like your own salary. No need to worry about anything, just login to our cloud based management system to keep track of your warranties(s) and payments.

Personalized Recommendations

If you lost your job tomorrow, could you meet your financial obligations? Even a short unemployment spell can be devastating. As the unprecedented economic impact of the recessions has demonstrated, many of us have few options for weathering prolonged job loss without having to exhaust our savings or dip into our other investments, placing our long term financial future at risk. With the average unemployment period now reaching six months, families have a clear need for a safety net to ease the financial strain of job loss.

Superior Support

No complex terms. We will explain your plan in human language. We have an online Customer Support ready to help you at a moment's notice. No hassle, and no paper - 100% of administration is available online.We’ll never share your data without your permission and it is safe and secure, backed by ssl encryption.

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Insure what matters more

One of your most important assets is your monthly income. is it covered?

Whether it is the tution or college fees for the ones you love, a beloved home or a favorite vehicle, you want to protect it. These, or other things like utility bills, grocery expenses may be what matters to you.

SafeHO can do more than help protect your family's financial future, in case you became unemployed. SafeHO offers unemployement insurence that can help you live today–with confidence.

Built for companies & individuals

Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with trust and safeHO, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission. SafeHO is used by startups, small businesses, enterprise companies range from fortune 500 in private and public industries. View More

Individuals,Looking for financial safety? Your path starts here with SafeHO,Whether you get unemployement insurance through your employer or buy your own plan, you are important to us, not just as customers but also as people and family, Explore the ways SafeHO embraces your financial safety in case you become unemployed. View More

Experienced and Enthusiastic

SafeHO is about smarter, easier, more effective way to help individuals,companies and society. We are driven by a constant curiosity about new technologies, our commitment to research and innovation, and our dedication to customer success.
SafeHO success story has been as much about people as it has been about technology. You can’t build a great company without both. Which is why we’ve invested every cent of profit back into our company — to help us build the most efficient and effective technologies and hire the best team members in the world.View More

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