What is supplemental unemployment warranty?
Supplemental unemployment warranty provides financial stability by replacing a portion of your salary in the event you lose your job. with SafeHO's supplemental unemployment warranty, If you lose your job, you can still receive 50% or more of your former salary through SafeHO benefits based on warranty policy.
How does buying SafeHO help me?
SafeHO can help you achieve financial stability in the event you lose your job. It can be difficult to meet basic living expenses and financial obligations, including education and healthcare, on your savings alone. if you become unemployed, you are still able to meet your short-term financial obligations, without exhausting your personal and retirement savings.
How do I contact you for more information or to make a claim?
In addition to the resources available on this website, we encourage you to contact us at 888-iam-safe.
How much is the premium?
On average, premiums are less than 1% - 3% of gross annual salary (trailing 12 month salary, bonus and commission) and depend on your work state, industry, salary and the selected coverage. For example, if you make Rupees 500,000 per year, your policy could cost less than avg Rupees 5500 per month.
How are the premium rates determined?
Rates are determined by a number of factors. These include the state where you work, the industry of your employer, and your salary. Rates are also set based on the coverage plan you choose and a combination of how long and how much monthly amount you want to recieve.
What is the maximum amount of coverage?
SafeHO is gap coverage designed to replace the difference between 50% - 75% of your salary or the maximum premium you can offerd. In the event of involuntary unemployment, SafeHO benefits will supplement your income up to 100% of your former salary based on the warranty policy you enrolled in.
How long will I receive SafeHO payments after I lose my job?
SafeHO pays customers based on their warranty terms, the payments can go until you find a new job, with a mandatory elimination (waiting) period of two weeks for any new claim.
Can I make a claim right away?
No, there is a six-month initial waiting period from the effective date of your first policy. If you become unemployed during this period, you will not receive any benefits and your policy will be cancelled; however, we will give you a refund of the premiums you have paid, so there is no risk to you.
Does the six month waiting period apply to policy renewals?
No. The waiting period is only for new policies.
How often and in what form will I receive my payments?
After the initial two-week elimination period, you will receive payments in accordance with your policy and its benefits. You can receive payments by check or wire transfer or payments towards untilities or school or college fees or any type.
Do I continue paying premiums while I collect benefits?
No, premiums first due while you are on claim are waived.
What type of support will I be able to get if I have questions about my claim?
We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. Our call center representatives are available at 888-iam-safe to answer questions and provide any assistance that you may require.
How frequently do I have to renew my policy?
Renewals are made annually.
Can i cancel my policy at any time?
Yes, No contract.
Is SafeHO available nationwide, and is coverage for the state where I work or where I live?
SafeHO is available in all Indian states. Your coverage state is based on the state in which you work, not the state in which you live.
If I switch jobs, is my coverage portable to my new employment?
Yes, it is portable as long as your new job is in a state where SafeHO is available. (SafeHO is available in all 29 states of India) If your new employment is in a new industry, an endorsement to the policy is required, which may increase or decrease your annual premium cost.
Can my spouse or partner and I both buy policies?
Yes. As long as you each meet the eligibility requirements on an individual basis, you both may purchase policies. Also, there is no limit on maximum number of adults that may be covered in a single household or extended family.
I am currently unemployed. Can I buy a policy?
No, you must be currently employed to purchase an SafeHO warranty policy.
What is the maximum SafeHO benefit period?
There is no hard limit of benifit period, It all depends on how long you want to recieve benifits and the amount of premium you are ready to pay.
How do I qualify for SafeHO?
It’s quick and easy. First, go to SafeHO.in and create a account in just seconds. The application takes just minutes to complete and upload the supporting documentation. It takes less than 24 Hrs to get a warranty policy. Key criteria include:
  • Currently employed
  • Haven't been given notice of unemployment
  • Recency of unemployment
  • Minimum salary (varies by state)
  • Currently employed on a full-time (i.e., 40 hours) W-2 basis with current employer for at least six (6) months